Why do we champion aesthetic qualifications?

11th May 2022


It’s a question we get asked quite frequently. By learners. By business owners. By journalists.

Why do we invest so much of our own time and money championing and supporting qualifications?

And why do we offer free courses on dealing with complications?

The simple reason is articles like the one below:

Welsh salon caught on camera using ‘black market Botox’ substitute in undercover investigation (ITV – opens in new tab)

Every time one of these articles appears, it does a little bit more damage to the reputation of the aesthetics industry.

We want to show that we are not all like that. In fact, we want to show that nearly everyone in our industry is not like that.

That most are invested in training and qualifications. That most care about the safety and comfort of their clients. That most are deeply concerned about the reputation of their industry, and the damage that these cowboy practitioners do.

So that’s why we do what we do.

We’ve been a trailblazer in developing qualifications for the industry. We wrote the frameworks – using our own resources – for the Level 5 and Level 7 Certificates in Aesthetic Practice.

We also championed their take up by awarding organisations and training providers and lobbied the government to make the qualifications compulsory for anyone offering injectable treatments.

And this year we introduced free complications training with our very own Chris Wade and Laura Sexton, to address concerns many have about whether they’ll meet the requirements of forthcoming legislation, and who feel they have been let down by rogue training providers.

So if you’re interested in a complications course, or want to take your Level 7 with the people who actually developed it, get in touch with us today.

Call us on 01476 849342 or email [email protected]