Tear Trough Cannula Training Course

Learn the advanced application of dermal fillers below the eyes

Many clients complain about the development of under eye hollows, dark circles and shadows. The loss of fat and under eye support as we age can lead to the area beneath the eyes to become hollow and sunken, which is known as the Tear Trough.

Treating this area below the eyes is an advanced application of dermal fillers. The latest generation of soft and long lasting hyaluronic acid fillers have opened up the possibilities, but this area also demands precise injecting skills and specific anatomical understanding on behalf of the injector.

a-Training’s Tear Trough & Periorbital Rejuvenation Course will train you in all aspects of this advanced procedure and covers how to ensure a comfortable treatment for your client.

Course Duration

1 day course - Start: 9:30 am, Finish: 4:30 pm.

Tear Trough Cannula Training Course Format

• Observational Learning
• Educator demonstration & explanation
• Practical Workshops
• Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Tear Trough Cannula Training Course Progression & Opportunities

Increase your profit by adding this lucrative treatment to your client services. Course completion will enable you to gain insurance and start providing this popular service. Incorporating this localised treatment into your repertoire will allow you to offer your clients a more targeted approach to facial rejuvenation.

How to Apply For The Tear Trough Cannula Training Course

The knowledgeable a-training team can advise on upcoming course dates, Registered Prior Learning applications (for those with alternative prerequesite experience) and further course and qualification details that you may require.

Cost - £1495 (plus VAT)

The course fee includes your practical training, educational resources and unrivalled after support, giving you not only the skills but the confidence to start your own clinics.

You will Learn

Prequisites (Requirements to Study)