IV Vitamin Drip Training Course

Learn how to offer a great new treatment plan and earn while helping your clients improve their well-being with some of the amazing cocktail of vitamins.

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A wide range of ready-made intravenous Replenishment Cocktails will alleviate all complaints from ageing, fatigue, sports performance to aches and pains. The body needs many nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals which should be obtained through diet, but often aren’t. The use of IV ensures essential vitamins and minerals are infused straight into the bloodstream, by-passing the digestive system.

Course Duration

1 day course - Start: 9:30 am, Finish: 4:30 pm.

Course Format

• Observational Learning
• Educator demonstration & explanation
• Practical Workshops
• Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Progression & Opportunities

Increase your profit by adding this lucrative treatment to your client services. Course completion will enable you to gain insurance and start providing this popular service.

How to Apply

The knowledgeable a-training team can advise on upcoming course dates, Registered Prior Learning applications (for those with alternative prerequesite experience) and furthercourse and qualification details that you may require.

You will Learn

Prequisites (Requirements to Study)