Sunekos Training Course

The Sunekos Training Course allows you to complete your treatment listing in clinic with Sunekos injectable treatment. Sunekos Training Course completion will enable you to gain insurance and start providing this popular service.

During the Sunekos Training Course you will learn this injectable treatment containing a patented formula of amino acids and Hyaluronic acid. It regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce a complete mix of collagen and elastin.

Sunekos is a great option for patients who wish to maintain a more natural look, or those who do not want or need Botox or fillers.

There are two formulations of the product available; Sunekos 200 (Hyaluronic Acid low molecular weight) and Sunekos 1200 (Hyaluronic Acid medium molecular weight).

It is an extremely versatile product and is used on the; face, neck, decollete, hands, arms, inner thighs, knees and the under-eye area.

Sunekos can treat various indications, including; loss of tone, skin ageing and premature skin ageing, skin dryness, solar elastosis, acne scarring, sun damage, dark circles under the eyes and fine lines and wrinkles.

Sagging skin and severe wrinkles can be using Sunekos 200 and Sunekos 1200 in combination for a “cushion” technique.

Sunekos Training Course Summary

On the Sunekos training day, we start with a theory session, where we will discuss the course in depth and answer any questions that the delegates may have about the treatment.

Upon completion of the Sunekos theory session, our Trainer will demonstrate a Sunekos treatment on a model. Following this demonstration, delegates will each get the opportunity to carry out a Sunekos procedure on a model and to observe their fellow delegates. All delegates are closely guided and supervised by our Trainer during the practical portion of the day.

Course Duration

3 hour course

Sunekos Training Course Format

• Observational Learning
• Educator demonstration & explanation
• Practical Workshops
• Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Sunekos Training Course Progression & Opportunities

Increase your profit by adding this lucrative Sunekos treatment to your client services. Sunekos Training Course completion will enable you to gain insurance and start providing this popular service.

How to Apply For The Sunekos Training Course

The knowledgeable a-training team can advise on upcoming Sunekos Training Course dates, Registered Prior Learning applications (for those with alternative prerequesite experience) and further course and qualification details that you may require.

You will Learn

Prequisites (Requirements to Study)