PRP – Perfect Rejuvenation Plasma

PRP: Perfect Rejuvenation Plasma

Perfect Rejuvenation Plasma 2 day course continues with the new comprehensive theme of our revolutionary new PR range.

Focusing on natural results, using aesthetics to enhance beauty with “tweakments” rather than modifying and risking unnatural results.

The course will look at natural rejuvenation, using Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cells with iPRF as well as PRPTOX.

We will also look at Hair Rejuvenation, an always popular treatment which can hugely widen your target client-base.

Day 1:

Learn how to deliver iPRF rejuvenation via microneedling and micro cannula to provide your clients with a full face rejuvenation. This treatment can not only reduce fine lines and wrinkles but provide your client with a full facelift. Also you will be trained in the revolutionary new treatments PRPTOX where you will combine Botulinum Toxin with IPRF to rejuvenate and smooth your clients skin.

Day 2:

Provide your clients with an amazing natural alternative to dermal fillers with plasma bio-filler. This completely natural treatment will combat volume loss to deliver a fresh youthful looking appearance

PRP (Perfect Rejuvenation Plasma) focuses on using the body’s own growth factors in order for the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. Blood is extracted using phlebotomy and the centrifugal force separates cells from plasma. The plasma is injected into the skin and growth factors are released to stimulate tissue regeneration.

This 2 Day Aesthetic Course is £995 (+VAT)

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