Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course

a-Training's Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course teaches advanced pain management training for lip augmentation treatments

Playing a key role in pain management when injecting dermal filler into the lips, the dental infusion training gives each learner a firm grounding and capability to administer lidocaine direct into the gums with careful consideration to client selection, contraindications, pain management, client medical records and specific treatment techniques.

Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic similar to the anaesthetics dentists use to numb your gums and teeth. Its value in pain control is its ability to quiet the nerves. It is a treatment for clients with nerve pain syndromes, usually linked to lip augmentation treatments, that need the added lidocaine where other solutions such as medications and interventions are not suitable.

Course Duration

3 hour course

Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course Format

• Observational Learning
• Educator demonstration & explanation
• Practical Workshops
• Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course Progression & Opportunities

Add value to your clinic by offering extra pain management when delivering services in the perioral area.

How to Apply For The Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course

The knowledgeable a-training team can advise on upcoming Dental Infusion (Lidocaine) Training Course dates, Registered Prior Learning applications (for those with alternative prerequesite experience) and further course and qualification details that you may require.

Cost - £595 (plus VAT)

You will Learn

Prequisites (Requirements to Study)