Level 7 – Master Aesthetic Practitioner 7 (MAP7)

Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Course – MAP 7

Qualifi Level 7 Certificate In Aesthetic Practice for Non-medics & Medics

MAP7 (Master Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7) is a 12 month program to become a true master of the field. It includes a full OFQUAL Regulated Level 7 Aesthetics Qualification and is open to both non-medics and medics.

The qualification you receive is the same no matter your previous aesthetic or medical background. Some Level 7 qualifications are open to medics only, but ours has been developed to allow everyone to enter the world of Aesthetics. We wrote the qualification and were the first non-medics to ever graduate at Level 7 in aesthetics. So who better to train you?

No matter what your current level, lets go back and get things correct.

The UK’s most Comprehensive Level 7 Program

  • Rip up the rule book
  • Start your journey on the right path
  • Get the NEW, Updated Certificates
  • The complete package
  • The full experience
  • The knowledge and confidence to be a Master Aesthetic Practitioner

You will treat a minimum of 100 models over 12 months. 

Includes the following:

  • Anatomy and Physiology – including underpinning knowledge of human anatomy, the causes of ageing and why we get wrinkles.
  • Updated VTCT Level 2 Facial Massage & Skincare and VTCT Level 3 Certificates in Micro Dermabrasion Treatments.
  • VTCT Level 4 Qualification in Laser Hair Removal & Facial iPL Rejuvenation
  • OFQUAL Regulated Level 5 Qualification in Aesthetic Practice
    (Face & body microneedling as well as Chemical peels)
  • OFQUAL regulated Level 7 Qualification in Aesthetic Practice, which includes:


a-training include additional training as part of our Program to Level 7 including Hyerhidrosis, Pain Relief with Dental infusion as well as Complications Management including Hyalase, how to avoid dropped brow, and much more.
(more details on the Level 7 Aesthetics Certificate below).

This is the BEST VALUE and most comprehensive Program in the UK to gain Level 7 Aesthetics for both medics and non-medics. 

How much is the MAP7 program?

We think you’ll be shocked by the value you get from the UK’s leading aesthetics training academy and creator of Level 7.
Our MAP7 route includes multiple qualifications, unrivalled support and the highest qualified tutors however, our price is still the best value in the country.

With the Master Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7 Program (MAP7) you get so much more that just the Level 5 and 7 Qualifications.

  • It also includes First Aid Level 3 qualification including Anaphylaxis management
    Not to mention unrivalled support with
    Assessment days
    Assignments days
    Mentoring development days
    Business building day – including a look at how much money can you earn from aesthetics after Level 7.
    Marketing advice and ongoing help with unlimited support days

There a very limited spaces in each cohort – Request a call back with a Course Coordinator by filling out the short form below: 

Why Choose a-training and why choose MAP Level 7?

Did you see us on the BBC Documentary “Under The Skin”?
Our 2 directors were heavily featured, explaining the right way for things to be done. Why regulations and Aesthetic Qualifications are essential for client safety and to protect the future of the aesthetic industry.

Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Qualification

The Level 7 Aesthetic qualification will help to prepare professional staff and managers of the future in the aesthetics sector. This qualification provides a generic core of mandatory units that apply in all aesthetics contexts.

The Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7 Qualification provides a specialist work-related programme of study that provides breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, along with practical skills required in the aesthetics sector.

Advanced understanding of the human skin

Our learners must advance their understanding of the human skin – you don’t achieve a degree-level qualifiction by simply learning treatments. Together, you will discover the morphology of the skin and truly appreciate the intricacies of this spectacular organ. You will take a deep look through the layers and components to see the impact that aesthetic treatments have on the dermis and how this visibly complements the epidermis. This underpinning knowledge will ensure safety as you are sympathetic to the surrounding anatomy while completely revolutionising your treatments, setting you at a superior level above other aesthetic practitioners.

Test yourself on Skin Anatomy now with our online Quiz.


You will master a wide range of skills including foundation botulinum toxin and advanced botulinum toxin, foundation dermal filler treatments and advanced filler with canula, lip augmentation and hyperhidrosis as well as first aid and pain management. You will have support with your assignments and gain lots of hands-on experience in each kind of treatment. The Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner qualification is not only learnig how to inject, you’ll become a true leader in the field with your new knowledge of the skin, as well as general human anatomy.

Your cerificate is awarded by Qualifi. This undergraduate degree-level qualification is the real deal for both medics and non-medics alike.

a-Training’s Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7 training is regulated by Ofqual and is recognised internationally.

Payment plans are available to help you spread the cost. Fill out our form or call us on 01476 849342 today to discuss your journey to an £80k salary.

Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Mandatory Units:

• Facial Aesthetics Consultation
• Psychology of Facial Aesthetics
• Botulinum Toxin Injections to the Face and Neck
• Temporary and Reversible Dermal Fillers to the Face and Neck
• Management of Complications and Medical Emergencies

For your level 7 qualification you will receive practical training in the following:

a-training adds in additional training including Hyperhidrosis, Complications Management and more

You will also benefit from:

  • Access to prescribers and products
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Marketing updates
  • Business support

To discover your route to the top, check out our microsite introducing the Level 7 Aesthetics Qualification for Non-medics (and medics).

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