How Much Money Can You Really Make After Level 7 Aesthetics?

How Much Money Can You Really Make After Level 7?


Aesthetic Earnings Demystified: How Much Can You Really Make?

Lots of aesthetics training academies seem to make promises along the lines of “Take our course and you can drive a Lamborghini”.

Yet anyone with even an ounce of business sense knows that the way to grow your cosmetic business for the future is to invest your profits back into it. Particularly for the first few years. This way you can harvest your profits later from a secure, well established business without the risk.

We believe a Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner who completes the MAP7 Route can earn £120,000 a year by following the advice and targets on this page.

Unlock Your Earning Potential: A Guide to Aesthetics Income.

As the video on this page explains, you want to make realistic targets that you can achieve.

We think 100 clients should be your goal.

Think how many people you know already who would be interested in aesthetic treatments from you once you have passed Level 7. Is there an aunty who says she needs “botox for her headaches”. A sweaty uncle who could benefit from Hyperhidrosis from botulinum toxin. Mums at the school gate looking for Lip augmentation. How many people are interacting with you social post who would love to support your new business by switching to your clinics rather than their current one.

Pretty quickly, that goal of 100 cosmetic clients seems achievable even before you have began marketing.

This is a lifetime career so you can build this client base over time. You don’t need 100 on the first day you open your first aesthetic clinic but even so, we think this seems like a realistic goal which is enough for you to reap the rewards after you have graduated.

Maximising Income: Exploring Earning Opportunities in Aesthetics after Level 7

Most of the Aesthetic Treatments you will learn on the Level 7 Qualification and the Full MAP7 (Master of Aesthetics 7) do not make permanent cosmetic changes for the client. Dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxin (often incorrectly referred to as Botox® which is in fact a popular brand name and not the general product) require top-up treatments if your clients want the age-defying results to continue.

We often recommend that clients return every 3 months for certain aesthetic treatments. Botulinum toxin for example temporarily paralyses the muscles but this is expected to wear off within 12 weeks of treatment.

Therefore, your 100 clients equals 400 aesthetic treatments per year.

Boost Your Income: Understanding the Earning Potential of Aesthetics

Masters of Aesthetics do not stick to one treatments. They have the knowledge and experience to be able to recommend a combination of treatments which compliment each other.

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler can have a drastic effect on a client but we also want to ensure their skin is as good as it can be. Providing treatments such as skin needling and chemical peels alongside those covered in Level 7 is essential.

This is also a big boost to your income as an Aesthetic Practitioner. Having a wider range of cosmetic services allows you to maximise your income with Treatment Plans. We recommend finding 3 good, personalised treatments on each of your clients plans which compliment each other and work together to get the results they are trying to achieve. Although for many this may be a combination of Microneedling, Botulinum Toxin injections and dermal filler, you could consider adding on PRP Treatments, Rhinoplasty, or even IV Vitamin Drips and wellness treatments after you have reached Level 7.

Let’s do the maths:

  • 100 Clients
  • x 4 visits per year
  • x 3 treatments on their plan

= 1200 treatments per year

This is why MAP 7 is the perfect route to being a fully qualified Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner, as you cover all the essential treatments and knowledge to be a true master making it easier to get insurance for a wide range of cosmetic procedures as you have the latest, government recognised qualifications.

Profit Margins in Aesthetics

We recommend profit margins of £150 per hour on aesthetic treatments (particularly the advanced treatments you will learn on Level 7).

All of our aesthetic training and education is targeted towards our learners aiming for this income on completion.

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