Training Aesthetics for 15 years

40 years ago today – I won the Golden Scissor award. Look at me back then as an 80’s wild child lol .

For those of you who don’t know my story here goes …. For the ones who just want to grab a 1:1 with me for £995 saving £1500

At 16 I was a grade 1 student whose dad wanted me to be a doctor and go to Cambridge. Unfortunately for him I did a YTS hairdressing course earning £23 a week. The real problem was I had been bullied from my early years for being different (Gay) and back in the day when you didn’t have much support.

At 16 I used to go out every Sunday and do neighbours and friends hair making money as I always wanted my own business. I was lucky enough to be mentored by some amazing people and spent 12 years working in London charging hundreds of pounds for a haircut. I was a natural creative who also was an area manager for a global company at 26.

I was blessed to have the ability to learn a craft and understand equally the importance of building a profitable business. I was involved in the development of hair & beauty across over 150 salons which paved the way for a strong foundation on what works and most importantly what does not.

From sadness came joy when my older sister got stage 4 cancer. I sold my business in London to support her for 2 years where against all odds she survived and still is doing well. On this 2 year journey I studied the mind and body and dived deep on many many courses. I finally came across in the U.K at the time also someone who was offering Aesthetic injectables training to non medics.

So I paid £12k for training which to my surprise in a matter of 2 days I had gained 11 certificates ! You are a natural injector, they said. WOW . Clearly I was ripped off and knew little if anything but this opened the door to the next phase of my business life. My sister was not well and with fete ended up in Grantham , East Midlands to open a business.

I will fast forward here to say I spent the next 3 years doing over 100 certificates and spending in excess of £125,000 on training. This gave me the confidence to become a great injector. I love learning ( typical Sagitarian) however I was still annoyed about being ripped off on my training.

Finally I got called to be an expert by someone who had watched my dedication to industry and during the Bruce Keogh PIP scandal I was an expert on the reference group. I remember being in a room full of powerful people who were turning the scandal into a “witch hunt” on beauty therapists. I left the room and at the time weirdly found myself crying over a coffee in London downstairs following the meeting. I had felt bullied in the room and it reminded me of all those kids who had called me names back at school. Thiswas the start of what I feel will be my legacy to industry .

At the moment I decided to make it my mission to create the first qualification for non medics to be trained alongside medics with a thorough understanding and knowledge to the highest competency. Little did I know it would take me 7 hard frustrating years and over £250K in funds.

I have always believed in universal affirmations and magic so I am not going to spend this sharing walking backwards on that 7 years other than to say it was a tough one but when something is meant to be doors open at the right time!

So here we are in 2024 and celebrating 15 years as the number 1 Aesthetic Qualification academy with an amazing 50 non medics completing their level 7 regulated qualification. At 55 years of age I feel more passionate than ever and love every day being surrounded by my tribe of incredible creative talented educators.

So what’s next??? Well watch this space…

But until our next announcement why not grab a 1:1 training day with me and choose whatever you wish to learn for £995 inc VAT ( saving £1500!) only 15 available to celebrate 15 years being number 1.

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