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T-Lab PRP Kit

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This kit consists of all the components you need to deliver excellent PRP treatment, which is flexible in both platelet recovery rates and selecting your ideal platelet concentrations.

Hawksley offer bespoke training if you are a PRP practitioner or trainer thinking of trialling the t-lab kit. We also allow for distributorships of our t-lab kits, so please do get in touch if you are a business involved in training and supporting new PRP practitioners.




TLAB - PRP Tubes

2 x T-LAB PRP Tubes

The T-LAB PRP tube is a 10ml volume, vacuumed tube, containing 1ml of anticoagulant with no Ficoll or gel. It has ben gamma sterilized and is nonhemoyltic. It is recommended that 2ml of PRP shall be harvested from each PRP Tubes. And totally 4ml of PRP can be harvested from one PRP Kit.

T-LAB Resuspension Tubes

1 x T-LAB Resuspension Tubes

It is a 5ml volume, plain tube with interior Gamma Sterilization. The tube is non-hemolytic. Total 4 ml of PRP is collected to 5 ml Re-suspension tube according to the instruction of the manufacturer. Recommended Re-Suspension process is gently shaking the tube for 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Injectors and needles

1 x 5ml injector

1 x 1ml injector

1 x Long Needle

1 x 21G Needle

1 x 30G Needle

5ml sterile injector is used to collect the PRP and to carry the PRP to Resuspension tube.

The 1ml sterile injector is used to apply the PRP to the patient.

Long needle is used to harvest the PRP from PRP Tube and to carry it to the Resuspension Tube.

21G needle is used to harvest the resuspended PRP inside from the Resuspension tube.

30G Needle is for injection.

Phlebotomy Set

1 x Holder

1 x Blood Collection Needle

It is used to draw blood from the patient into the PRP tubes. No other equipment is needed to draw blood form the patient.

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