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PRF Tubes (Box of 24)

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T-LAB PRX tubes come in a box of 24 individually wrapped and sterilised tubes, T-LAB PRX Tubes offer you a form of chemical activator free injectable PRF. The inner wall structure of the PRX tube provides excellent smoothness thanks to micro polishing technology. its smooth structure prevents platelet aggregation and allows you to get I-PRF without using any anticoagulants. It can be injected for up to 16 minutes. It also offers you an innovative protocol for clean A-PRF.


Apply the following instructions to obtain non-anticoagulated platelet rich plasma by using PRX TUBES:

  • Open the box and package.
  • Apply the blood collection device to sanitized part of the patient’s arm (venous).
  • Attach PRX TUBES to blood collection needle. PRX TUBES is a vacuumed tube. The tube collects enough amount of blood and stops itself.
  • Centrifuge PRX tube(s) immediately in a centrifuging device at 1500 G for 4 minutes. Centrifuge buckets shall be compatible with 16 X 100 mm tubes.
  • Attach a long needle to 5ml Luer-lok Syringe.
  • Collect the PRP/ injectable PRF above the RBC layer by inserting a long needle into PRX TUBES without opening the lid unless performed under laminar flow conditions.
  • Carefully collect 4ml of concentrated plasma layer.
  • Inject the platelet concentrate to the patient as soon as possible.
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