Satellite Centres

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As the leading name for Aesthetic Training in the UK, we want to bring our suite of OFQUAL Regulated Qualfications and Advanced Courses to every corner of the country.

A typical day at a-training sees learners who have travelled to us from Cornwall, the Highlands and even who have flown in from abroad.

Why? Because they trust our brand.
We are the only Training Provider who fought for a government recognised and regulated Level 7 Qualification – and WE ACHIEVED IT ! The first (and only) ones to have done this.
People know that after 14 years pioneering the industry that we are the preferred place to train.
We might not be the cheapest (you get what you pay for) but despite that we still have over 700 learners on their path to Level 7 at a-training. No other centre has anywhere close to that many people coming through their door.

So… what’s the next step?
With such high demand for our training and with learners having to travel so far to us, the logical next step is to grow.
We are looking for a small number of dedicated people who can take our brand into a new location and open an a-training Satellite Centre.

These new partners must uphold the same high standards that we are known for and truly become a part of the a-training family.

You will benefit from unmatched mentoring, the best qualifications and resources in the industry (including our new, bespoke Online Learner Management System) and trading under a name that echos throughout the industry as the leaders of Aesthetics.

If you believe you are the sort of person we are looking to team up with, fill out the form below and we will be in contact.

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