What is an advanced Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner

The comprehensive Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner qualification is in 2 parts. This is not just about treating clients, it is about truly mastering skin morphology, facial anatomy and being an expert in your field.


Level 7 AP: Part One – the Skin.

Learn about the dermis, how to treat the skin and the deep effects treatments such as chemical peels and skin needling have on the dermis and how this in turn effects the epidermis.
This underpinning knowledge sets you up ready to be a superior Aesthetic Practitioner.


Level 7 AP: Part Two – Injectables

Once your knowledge of the layers of the skin is proficient, we will train you in:
Basic Botulinum Toxin
Advanced Botulinum Toxin and Hyperhidrosis
Dermal Filler Foundation
Lip Filler Augmentation
Advanced Dermal Filler with Cannula

Watch video to learn more about the comprehensive Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner  qualification.