Level 5 Aesthetics Training

Level 5 was developed by a-training.
We wrote the qualification for the Awarding Body – so who better to get you though it?
In this qualification you will learn Microneedling and Chemical Peels.

The Aesthetic Practitioner Level 5 Training Course covers: legal and regulatory requirements; professional standards of practice; working in collaboration with healthcare professionals; anatomy, physiology and morphology of the ageing face and skin micro-needling.

Mandatory Units:

• Legal and Regulatory Requirements in Aesthetic
• Professional Standards within Aesthetic Practice
• Working Collaboratively with Healthcare
• Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology of the Ageing
• Skin Micro-needling and Chemical Peels

Course Format

• Observational Learning
• Educator demonstration & explanation
• Practical Workshops
• Hands on learning with tutor demonstration and explanations

Progression & Opportunities

Career opportunities include Aesthetic Practitioner, Clinical Manager, Clinical Specialist, Product Specialist, Beauty Therapist ,Aesthetic Researcher, Aesthetic Medical Educator.

It is envisaged that learners completing the Aesthetic Practitioner Level 5 Training Course will progress to the Qualifi Level 7 certificate.

How to Apply

The knowledgeable a-training team can advise on upcoming course dates, Registered Prior Learning applications (for those with alternative prerequesite experience) and further course and qualification details that you may require.


You will Learn

Prequisites (Requirements to Study)

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