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Only a limited number of spaces are available for this programme

Membership allows you to spread the cost of training over 12 months for £595 per month

Terms and conditions 

We have tried to keep Terms & Conditions short but we do require that everyone read and agree before joining, it’s our way of being transparent and open

  1. The Advanced Training Programme will cover the training cost of the following courses: Aqualyx, Brazilian Butt Lift, Cannula Tear Trough, Dermal Definition, Dermal Definition, Derma Feed & Freeze, Derma PRP, IV Vitamin Drip, Medical Peels (Vi Aesthetics), Mesotherapy, PDO Threads, Phlebotomy, Skin Booster / B12, Rhinoplasty, Sclerotherapy, Sculptra, Sunekos.
  2. The list of courses above may be altered at anytime without warning as new courses are added and old ones removed.
  3. The Advanced Training Programme is for a minimum of 12 months.
  4. All 12 monthly payments must be made whether training has been completed or not.
  5. All courses have limited places and are subject to availability so please book early.
  6. All 12-month memberships auto-renew on a month to month basis after the initial term, with a month’s notice to cancel.
  7. If you wish to cancel after completing your 12th monthly payment, give 1 month’s notice,
  8. All training must be complete before Direct Debit is cancelled.
  9. You are responsible for cancelling your own Direct Debit after final payment has been made.
  10. Course places cannot be reserved if monthly payment is not kept up to date
  11. Not transferrable to any other person or service.
  12. Memberships cannot be ‘frozen’ or refunds made.
  13. Members of the Advanced Training Programme cannot backdate start date.
  14. Courses covered by your direct debit must be a minimum of 8 days in the future after joining to give time for it to be approved.
  15. By continuing to join a-training Advanced Training Programme you agree to our T&Cs, Privacy and GDPR Policy

Your first course can be anytime after 8 days of activating your Direct Debit. But you can still book it today!


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