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Benefit from cosmetic treatments at amazing prices
Looking for the very best cosmetic treatments at incredible prices? Then sign up to become one of our cosmetic models!

You’ll have exclusive access to our model price list, which is not available anywhere else. That means you’ll be able to receive some of the most in-demand treatments, often at up to half the cost of the regular advertised price.

What are cosmetic models?
Cosmetic models are members of the public who are happy to have treatments performed on them in a learning environment (under strict supervision)

As a training centre, we need to demonstrate the latest treatments and practices to our trainee practitioners.

Is there any difference between this and a full price treatment?
The only difference is the experience of the person carrying out the treatment.

For a full price treatment, you are paying for the training and years of experience of the advanced practitioner.

What do our cosmetic models say about their treatments?
Our cosmetic models are delighted with the treatments they receive, and full of praise for the abilities and customer care of our trainee practitioners.

And of course the amazing prices! You can see the results for yourself.

How do I find out about upcoming cosmetic model places?
Upcoming cosmetic model places are only released a few weeks before a training course takes place. Places are limited but in high demand, so we operate a first come first served policy.

To make sure you don’t miss out, just provide your details below and we will keep you up to date on availability via email and SMS.

You can also join our exclusive group for cosmetic models on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/242819140944097
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