Why isn’t there a Level 6 In Aesthetic Practice?

Do I need a Level 6 In Aesthetic Practice?
Does such a thing exist?

The Qualifi Level 5 and Level 7 Certificates in Aesthetic Practice have been developed with great care over an 8 year period.

The clear path of progression has several access points depending on your experience. Access Practitioner allows complete new-comers an entry point where as more advanced professionals maybe able to start their journey further along.


So why is there no Level 6 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice?

While we are fighting for the regulation our industry needs, we all have to do what we can to ensure there is a real qualification regulated by Ofqual (the government department that regulates qualifications).

Thankfully – the Qualifi Level 5 and Level 7 are now approved and recognised by Ofqual (on the Gov.UK website here – https://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Detail/Index/43677?category=qualifications&query=Qualifi%20level%207%20aesthetics )

These were both developed with such comprehensive modules that they encompass the Level 6.

Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice is not an injectables qualification. It focuses on the core knowledge required for aesthetic practice, such as:

  • Ageing and its effects on facial morphology
  • Anatomical structures
  • Regulatory requirements

It also includes some practical skin rejuvenation treatments, which provide a good foundation and progression to more invasive aesthetic procedures.

The qualification is more advanced than it sounds. It is made up of 5 modules.

  • 3 modules at Level 5
  • 1 module at Level 6
  • 1 module at Level 7

Because of the higher levels, on completion of Level 5 you have the prerequisites for Level 7. There is no Level 6!

Will there ever be a Level 6 in aesthetics?

If you can take just 2 regulated qualifications and reach the same level then most will be delighted. Maybe one day a route will develop to add in an extra step but this seems rather unnecessary.

Health Education England (HEE) framework requires Level 6 learners to be supervised. You cannot construct a qualification that is under supervision.

If an awarding body developed a Level 6 Aesthetic Qualification following the HEE requirements then learners would have had to carry out procedures under supervision of their prescriber. You cannot have a qualification that requires you to be under supervision. You are either competent or you are not competent.

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