What is an Advanced Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner?

What is an Advanced Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner?

Level 7 Aesthetic Practice was an accolade traditionally held for medical practitioners. 

Thanks to 8 years hard work by Chris Wade , CEO of a-training, this qualification is now also open to non-medic practitioners.

Previously, non-medic aesthetic training courses covered the practical side and focused on techniques of treatments. a-training’s new qualifications have changed this for the better of the cosmetic industry and also for the benefit of the client.

Our Cosmetic Qualifications, awarded by Qualifi and regulated by Ofqual give aesthetic students the necessary knowledge to ensure not only safe practice, but even more effective treatments. This obviously include the practical training for the cosmetic procedures, but the further morphology and anatomy included allows you to receive to the same, advanced Level 7 Aesthetic Practioner qualification that medics receive. 

On completion, you will be equally qualified whether or not you have the medical background. Your Level 7 certificate in Aesthetic Practice is the same, it is recognised internationally.

To create this qualification has taken 8 years. Chris Wade has pioneered the journey with the help of various aesthetic organisations, other cosmetic training specialists and government.

What has changed in Advanced Aesthetics Training?

The big changes Chris Wade has lead in Aesthetics Training are to ensure the underpinning knowledge for all learners is sound. The understanding of human anatomy must be at the same high level of a medic in the specific related areas (skin and facial) in order to complete this cosmetic course. You must understand the skin morphology. Appreciate the layers of skin, how cosmetic procedures and treatments effect the dermis and the impact this then has on the epidermis.

It is time for our industry to self-regulate. The way we do this is for advanced practitioners to come together, from the medic and non-medic side to insist on Ofqual Regulated Aesthetic Qualifications. Delivering treatments such as botulinum toxin injections, dermal filler and Lip Augmentation should only be carried out by highly expert cosmetic practitioners with the knowledge, support and experience to deliver a safe experience to aesthetic clients. 

To be a qualified Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner at Level 7 you have demonstrated that you are of a superior standards. You can proudly demonstrate this accolade to potential employers across the world and to clients to reassure why they should choose you for their cosmetic treatments.

Practical Modules you will learn on Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice:

  • First aid level 3 BLS and anaphylaxis
  • Botulinum foundation 3 areas upper face
  • Botulinum advanced lower face 8 areas including neck
  • Hyperhidrosis under arm sweating
  • Dermal Filler Foundation (nose to mouth smile lines and marionettes)
  • Dermal Filler Lip Augmentation
  • Dental Infusion using lidocaine for pain management
  • Complications and Hyalase management

a-training learns will also benefit from:

  • Access to prescribers and products
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Marketing updates
  • Business support

Our team are experts on aesthetic qualifications and can guide you in the right direction. If you have previous aesthetics training then it is possible we may be able to reduce the cost of your qualification and simply upgrade your previous certificate to a recognised, Ofqual qualification by completing the theory side and missing modules. Talk to the a-team.

We have even finance options to help you spread the cost into manageable monthly payments.

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