Upgrade your CPD Training to a recognised Aesthetic Qualification

Upgrade your CPD Training to a recognised Qualification

Ofqual Regulated Aesthetics Qualifications for Non-medics and medics

The industry is changing.
The need for Ofqual Regulated Qualifications is clear.

So now what?

Are your CPD certificates worthless?

No. You just need to pop in the missing pieces of the puzzle to complete your journey.

a-training’s qualifications have been created in a modular format so that you can upgrade your existing CPD certificates, even if you trained elsewhere.

We will develop your personalised plan of exactly what you need to bolt on to your previous learning, recognising your experience and certificates while still future-proofing your career with a regulated, Level 5 & Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice.

Once we have approved your certificates and experience, you can skip that module out. 

You will not need to pay to repeat it as part of the Aesthetic Practitioner Qualifications.

Together, we just need to fill in the gaps required to bring your underpinning knowledge of skin morphology and facial anatomy inline with the qualification framework.

This is where the a-team excel.

The specialist support you will received from our industry experts is second to none.

Your learning map will be tailored to you, covering only the gaps in your current skillset, completing your own personal puzzle. (Waving?)

To check if your training and certificates can be used towards the Qualifi Awarded Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice fill in the Request a Callback form.

Recognised Prior Learning / RPL

RPL Prices start from £1995 plus VAT – if you have previously trained with a-training, 
or £3995 plus VAT – if you trained elsewhere.

Recognised Prior Learning (or RPL) is the key to upgrading you past training.

If you can prove (to an acceptable standard) that you have the training and/or experience in a particular field / module in aesthetics then you can bypass that part (you won’t need to attend that particular aesthetics course nor pay for it).

The qualifications have been structured in a way that each element making up the Level 7 (and the path leading to it) can be seen as an individual aesthetic’s course. If you’re already a master at it then let’s just get the theory recognised.

You may even be able to begin the Level 7 training sooner if your previous experience is satisfactory. If you can satisfy the practical requirements for the Qualifi Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice then you may just need to brush up on your underpinning theory or the skin to complete that. There is no Level 6 certificate. This route was designed to allow Level 7 learners to require Level 5 as the prerequisite (read our post on Why isn’t there a Level 6 Qualification in Aesthetic Practice). So it maybe your route to Level 7 is faster (and more affordable) than you think.

Level 7 is a degree level qualification, there is more to it than just treatments. So upgrade to this phenomenal achievement and future-proof your career.

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