Skin Anatomy

Skin Anatomy

Interactive QUIZ – How well do you know the skin?

Do you know your Dermis from your Epidermis?
Can you locate Erector Pili Muscles?
Do you know where the Basal Cell Layer begins?

Test your skills below!

As Part of the Master Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7 (MAP7) we ensure your underpinning knowledge is at the Level it should be for anyone working in aesthetics.

Below is a little test to see how you are getting on. Do you think you can drag the correct labels on this skin diagram?

Many of you are already aware that we have developed an industry leading Learner Management System (LMS)

This system allows you to learn online at your own pace as well as submit assignments, chat to tutors for extra support and revise with interactive quizzes, videos and much more. 

Our learners are already using this on some of our aesthetic qualifications (including on MAP7) and it is being rolled out across all of our courses.

This quiz is a great demo for you to see how we are developing and leading the aesthetics industry in a digital age. 

Can you get full marks?