Level 7 Aesthetics Vs MAP7

Level 7 Aesthetics and MAP7 – What’s the difference?

Why are we suddenly talking about MAP7 after years of training our learners on Level 7 Aesthetics?

MAP7 is the Master Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7
This route includes the OFQUAL Regulated Level 7 but also so much more.

What is the difference between these 2 Aesthetic qualifications?

The route to Level 7 is clear and achievable, but we want to ensure that if you graduate from a-training you get a lot more.

MAP7 is the best value Level 7 Program in the UK

The 12 month MAP7 program is the best value route to Level 7 in the UK.
The comprehensive training and additional qualifications you receive are unmatched anywhere else.

It is our ongoing goal to champion regulation and ensure the OFQUAL Regulated Level 7 Qualification in aesthetics (that we wrote, were the first to teach and the first to graduate in) is recognised as the only future-proofing you need.

We are fed up with media claiming that a doctor with no aesthetic experience is somehow more qualified to deliver treatments than a non-medic with 10 years of successful, relevant aesthetic experience.

This is where MAP7 comes in:

  • We go back to the start.
  • No shortcuts, no cheating, no corners cut.
  • 12 month Program on which you will treat a minimum of 100 Models.

We want to ensure our learners have all the underpinning knowledge and experience a Master Aesthetic Practitioner should.

Starting with Access Practitioner – this should be the start for ALL Aesthetic Practitioners’ journey. Even if you are already experienced, let’s check your anatomy and physiology are where they need to be. While you are with us, we will also refresh your First Aid Certificate (including anaphylactic). You need to know how to handle worse-case scenarios in case complications ever do arise.

a-training’s new Access Practitioner also includes taking the relevant, updated certificates from Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty. Even if you have previously taken these qualifications, a refresher won’t hurt you and with the unbeatable value you get from taking MAP7, you might find it even saves you money to do this anyway.

The Level 2 and 3 VTCT Beauty certificates give a-training and the exam board the confidence to know there are NO GAPS in your knowledge.

Once you have mastered the Facial and Dermabrasion modules, you move onto Level 4 IPL and Laser. You get a full qualification here (again, you will find that this route gives you better value so don’t worry about fees, speak to us). Even if you have L4 in Permanent Make-up or similar, why not add more skills to your clinic’s treatment menu?

Now… Level 5. This is where you master the skin through Chemical Peels and Micro needling. This OFQUAL regulated qualification was written by a-training.

Level 7 Aesthetics Qualification

Now that you are a qualified, experienced expert with the skin, you are ready to begin Level 7.

Here you will learn how to inject Botulinum Toxin (foundation and advanced), dermal fillers, lip filler, pain management with Dental Infusion and much more.

On top of all of this you will learn Complications Management and get unrivalled ongoing support with Assignment Days, Support Surgeries and Development Days to treat models under supervised conditions to help you gain confidence as an Aesthetic Practitioner.

For more information on MAP 7 or training in general with the UK’s Leading Aesthetic Academy (and creator of the OFQUAL Regulated Level 5 and Level 7 Certificates in Aesthetic Practice) – fill out the form below:

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