a-training are a team of pioneering aesthetics industry experts who believe that professionals and clients deserve better.

With a commitment to delivering high-quality education, qualifications and good practice to the aesthetics industry, they have come together to guarantee that all aesthetic professionals have access to the very best training and that clients are provided with reassurance through robust quality procedures.

a-training are responsible for developing entirely new level 5 and level 7 aesthetic practitioner qualifications, that will be delivered through a nationwide network of centres of excellence and that are recognised by Ofqual, the UK government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation – a first for the British aesthetics industry.

a-training are also committed to championing the ability of non-medical practitioners to offer aesthetic procedures, provided that the requirements of the robust training regime they have set are met.

This means that aesthetic professionals, both medics and non-medics, will be equipped with the knowledge to offer any aesthetic procedures and to deal with all outcomes of a procedure.

Ultimately, a-training aim to raise standards across the aesthetics industry so that everyone can enjoy a successful career or operate a prosperous business while providing aesthetic procedures to clients safely, with confidence, and to a recognised high standard.

Our Mission

a-training to deliver high quality education, qualifications and good practice to the Aesthetic industry.

Education for all - We will ensure that aesthetic education and qualifications are available for both none medics and medical practitioners throughout the UK and internationally. Delivered with in a clinical environment. Ensuring qualifications and training are adhering to regulation by ofqual and awarding organisation standardisation

Contribute and follow guidance for the betterment of industry - We will continue to contribute to government and industry reviews on the industry and ensure qualifications, training and good practice reflects this at all times.

Compliance - To ensure training and qualifications contribute to the individual’s skills set and business growth and enabling them to deliver aesthetic procedures, with confidence, safely and to a recognised standard for indemnity insurance

Client choice and protection - We will ensure the training and qualification structure is rigorous and gives the practitioner the skills to attain a quality consultation, service and to be equipped and knowledgeable to deal with all outcomes of a service. Education has always been the key factor for a-training with protecting the client giving them an informed choice of highly skilled medical and non- medical Aesthetic Practitioners.

a- team - We will continue to evaluate and grow our own skills and knowledge through local and international research. Currently with collectively over 100 years’ experience in training and education and by working and achieving together we have a shared sense of purpose. Our team will work together to achieve our learners’ goals and celebrate success and the growth of the Aesthetic Industry

Mutual respect - Valuing and respecting learners and our team by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behavior at all times.

Opportunities for all - a-training qualifications are accessible to both none medics and medics and encourages the ethos of lifelong learning for everyone

Industry support of qualifications

Our Vision

Why we exist our purpose - To make positive changes by ensuring esthetic qualifications are available to all those meeting the career path.

To make a difference to the individual by giving them skills for life, ensuring a complete understanding of the importance of knowledge, standards of service and the safety of the client.

To have a more accessible aesthetic services available to clients and ensure the practitioners have the recognition through qualifications.

What we stand for - We train for the future of the Aesthetic industry and ultimately cleint protection - we expect optimum results. This is done through rigorous training, education, and quality assurance practices.